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Presenting our partnership with Zen Tiger Mind

Presenting our partnership with Zen Tiger Mind

As part of the launch for Quatro’s New “Zen” leotard and mental health campaign, our partner, Lisa Mitzel, President of Zen Tiger Mind, has written a 5-part blog series for you to enjoy! 

A Partnership across the Ocean 

By Lisa Mitzel, President, Zen Tiger Mind

Who wakes up and finds they have a new partner across the world? Well, I do. When I started my new business, Zen Tiger Mind (ZTM), I knew our mission to integrate mental health into sports would only be as strong as our products and our connection with like-minded people. I wanted to collaborate with other companies yet I didn’t know the steps or how fast the opportunity would come. 

Well, it arrived quickly! In 2022, in the same month of launching our company, I was in Tampa, FL, and San Jose, CA, which brought me together with reps of many leotard companies. By chance, a coach I know in So California, Tara Treacy, is also a rep for Quatro Gymnastics. She said, “I love your mats and designs. I think our company might be interested in working together.” Soon after, Tara introduced me to Kelly McKeown, President of North America and Global Sales, and Gina Pribil, Director of Marketing in the U.S, and I felt an immediate vibe. These Quatro women are intelligent, kind, and creative go-getters!

After several meetings and getting to know each other, I could tell these women got it – that our mission for mental health in gymnastics is simple to practice and really transformational for kids and coaches. They loved ZTM's fun animal characters, natural scenery, and the mental-health exercises in our Mental Power Station. They said they wanted to see how we could weave our creative ideas together and form a partnership. As the ZTM president, I said “Yes!” Quatro was a perfect fit to join us in promoting and advocating for Mental Health and Wellness for young gymnasts everywhere.  

By the way, I learned that Quatro Gymnastics is not just any leotard business. They are one of the premier performance and training wear companies based in the UK, plus, one of the fastest growing global companies that is family owned and run. 

For Zen Tiger Mind, it’s a dream. Like reaching out across the ocean and surprisingly holding hands with new exciting friends. We collaborated on a super special “mental power” leotard that’s coming out any day now, Quatro is hosting exciting events, “Lights, Camera, Sparkle,” with Zen Tiger Mind products on board, they have the amazing Trinity Thomas and Kara Eaker as superstar ambassadors, and there’s more incredible news to announce for the summer of 2023. So watch the Quatro-Zen Tiger Mind journey! Together we will lift up gymnasts everywhere with training wear and mental tools, and we’ll give kids a better chance to be healthy while reaching their goals. Expand with us! To be Zen, to be free to perform, and feel healthy and beautiful inside and out.

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